Training & Skills; A Push Start to a Career

Jennille is pictured above with her Lokken College graduate certificate, after successfully completing the 20-week Certified Hospitality Personnel program. During the program, Jennille focused on building the skills she needed to become a better candidate for employment postings, as well as obtaining emerit hospitality certification, and academic upgrading to write the GED exams. She also maintained excellent attendance throughout her program, allowing her to complete the curriculum, and search for employment opportunities frequently. This ultimately led to an incredible opportunity as a Teacher’s Assistant with her hometown school division.

When reviewing her program, Jennille said: “I really enjoyed my experience with Lokken College, I loved learning and regaining the school subjects and rebuilding my skills in the work fields… I learned a lot and wish to continue to use and put my work and skills to use.” Congratulations on your success, Jennille. We look forward to hearing from you during the 90-day and 180-day follow ups.

Lokken College offers a comprehensive range of programs covering Career Development, Computer Training, Industry-Specific Training, and Academic Upgrading. All our programs are conveniently accessible online, with weekly intakes, and qualified applicants may be eligible for financial assistance. Explore our program options by clicking HERE to identify the one best suited for you! To commence your application, click on the button below.