You may write your GED test(s) at the Lokken College computerized Pearson Vue Authorized Test Center. The test centre is located at the Lokken College Edmonton campus and is subject to local COVID-19 restrictions.

Lokken College is open 8:30A – 4:30P (Mon- Fri) by appointment only.

Test centre hours are:

There are five GED tests:

Registering for your GED Test(s)

Lokken College test centre hours specifically accommodate you writing all five GED tests, however you cannot write all five tests in one day. If you intend to write all five GED tests, we recommend that you schedule back-to-back testing days on either Tue & Wed or Wed & Thu. When you book your testing appointment, choose a maximum of three tests for the first testing day, otherwise Lokken College will not show in the list of available testing centres, then choose two tests for the second testing day.

To qualify for testing you must*:

  1. Be an Alberta resident; and
  2. Have an Alberta Student Number (ASN); and
  3. Meet the Government of Alberta GED eligibility requirements; and
  4. Bring valid government issued identification from a Canadian Jurisdiction i.e.:

    • Drivers License; or
    • Provincial Identification Card; or
    • Canadian Passport
  5. Pre-book your testing appointment through the GED Testing Service via your Existing GED Testing Service Account | New GED Testing Service Account.

* If you do not qualify per the criteria listed above you may contact the Government of Alberta and request consideration as a special testing case.


  1. The Edmonton campus is located in downtown Edmonton. There is no onsite parking at the Edmonton Campus. Street parking is restricted.
  2. We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your test appointment to accommodate your registration with Pearson Vue.