Never Too Late To Upgrade

Judith is currently attending the Certified Hospitality Personnel (CHP) program at Lokken College through distance learning. She is at the final phase of her work internship and will be graduating the program soon. Judith shares her most memorable learning experience at Lokken College: “My time at Lokken College was an eye-opening and life changing experience that helped me get through these troubling times. This Institution equipped me with the right skills and training that allow me to join the workforce again. I also met all of their knowledgeable and interesting instructors whose support was overwhelmingly positive which inspired me to work hard and finish the course. In retrospect, knowing that there are still many things for me to learn to become competent and still not too late even at my age gave me reassurance and feel more confident.” We are very much proud of all your hard work, Judith. Yes, it is never too late to attend training to upgrade. We look forward to hearing more of your success stories!

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