Job Well Done, Monika!

Monika is one of the many successful learners at our Wetaskiwin campus. She attended and graduated successfully the Certified Industrial Personnel (CIP) program. Monika is currently employed full time. She shared her memorable learning experience at Lokken College and what helped her succeed: The flexibility of the course and understanding of the instructor (Marlon). The work-at-your-own-pace structure. The easy-to-follow guidelines and support. The course is funded by the government which makes it an easy transition to get your life back on track. There is no judgement for past failures in the classroom just guidance on how to recover.” Congratulations, Monika! Job well done!

Lokken’s provides an Integrated Training environment recognizing that non-technical skills; such as communication, human relations and life wellness, are as critical to successful careers as technical skills.  All integrated training programs include a blend of Career Path Management, Career Development, Academic Upgrading and technical training modules.

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