I Highly Recommend Lokken College! – Justine

In the summer time of this year, Justine started her Lokken College program. She is attending the Certified Hospitality Personnel Program and she is now on her way to graduating it successfully. Justine maintained perfect attendance all throughout the program and she is currently employed. She took the emerit Front Desk Agent Training and passed the Emerit Certification exam. Recently, she wrote a 5-star review and also shared her most memorable learning experience at Lokken College. She said: “I am really proud for believing in myself for maintaining perfect attendance, handing in my assignments on time, and making Lokken College my top priority while I attended throughout the program. Every single instructor at Lokken College is truly AMAZING! They helped me gain so much confidence and motivation to obtain my GED and Hospitality/Front Desk Agent certification. They are always there for you if you have any questions and need any kind of assistance. The instructors help you have a perfect resume and cover letter for employers! They always provide help and advise to be successful. I’ve learned about interpersonal skills I’ve never thought about before coming to Lokken. I’ve learned about stress and anger management, time management, money budgeting, and so much more! They’ve inspired me to use these skills in my daily life. I’m beyond happy I made the choice to apply and push aside the self-doubt and gave it all of my best with Lokken College! I secured employment with the help of Lokken College, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! THANK YOU!” Congratulations, Justine! We look forward to hearing more of your success stories in the future.

Learners in the Certified Hospitality Personnel (CHP) program are being certified by Emerit training and certification. CHP learners are working toward the Tourism Certified Professional (TCP) designation, a credential recognized throughout the Canadian Hospitality Industry. The Emerit National Professional Certification is sanctioned by Tourism HR Canada.

Learn how to earn the credentials as Certified Front Desk Agent through Lokken College’s Certified Hospitality Personnel Program. Be one of our thousands of successful graduates who made meaningful changes in their career employment! Act now. Your future is calling. Financial assistance may be available to qualified applicant! Click the Apply Online button below to create and complete your entire application online.

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