From Training to Employment! Justice’s journey to success.

Lokken College Wetaskiwin learner Justice successfully graduated the Certified Industrial Personnel Apprenticeship program. Justice wrote about her most significant learning experience at Lokken College: “My significant learning experiences were learning that: You can’t just put words together on a resume and call it a resume… Everyone has their own opinion and that’s something you have to respect. Hard work and dedication gets you to where you want to be in life and nothing is ever going to get handed to you. These are just some of the many things I’ve learned from attending Lokken College and it opened my eyes to so much more opportunities out there. “ (Photo: (Left) Justice proudly showed her Lokken College Certificate on her graduation day. (Right) Justice posed with her manager.

Justice made a successful transition from training to securing full time employment while in program. While currently employed, she is also working towards achieving her apprenticeship goal. Congratulations, Justice! Lokken College is so proud of your achievement!

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