Effort Equals Results

Priscilla successfully completed the Certified Hospitality Personnel program at Lokken College in November, as evidenced by the image above where she proudly receives her certificate. During her application process, Priscilla candidly shared the challenges she faced in securing employment due to various reasons. Undeterred, she committed herself to the program, diligently completing all aspects of the curriculum.

Her dedication extended beyond the coursework, encompassing resume and cover letter updates, as well as rigorous practice for employment interviews guided by her instructor. Additionally, Priscilla actively participated in daily Career Path Management presentations, focusing on refining her “soft skills” such as Time Management, Money and Budgeting, and Conflict Resolution. She also underwent specialized training tailored to the hospitality industry, enhancing her qualifications for potential employers.

Reflecting on her time at Lokken College, Priscilla enthusiastically remarked, “I highly recommend LOKKEN COLLEGE! You are never too old to learn new things! I am now employed and have completed the GED, Emerit course…”. Lokken College congratulates Priscilla on her current success and eagerly anticipates updates during her 90-day and 180-day follow-ups.

The Certified Hospitality Personnel program includes career development curriculum, academic preparation to write the CAEC exams, and industry specific training through emerit. Emerit certifications include Retail Training, Front Desk Agent, Housekeeping Room Attendant, and Line Cook. These courses build knowledge of industry best practices and National Occupational Standards to give learners an edge when entering the workforce.