We are committed to helping people make meaningful changes in their lives by providing training that leads to new career and employment opportunities.


Established in 1987, Lokken College helps people attain and maintain employment and self-sufficiency. We are a Government of Canada Certified Institution. Lokken’s Certified Series Programs are approved by the Government of Alberta. With a 90% success rate, Lokken College has established itself as a leader in labour market development and training.

Lokken College develops effective training initiatives that lead to real success for our learners. Our programs and services recognize that non-technical skills, such as communication, human relations and life wellness, are as critical to successful employment as technical skills. This is why each of our Certified Series Programs includes a blend of Career Path Management modules, Career Development modules, and Academic Upgrading support.

Instructors at Lokken College operate on the following learning constructs:

  1. People learn most effectively by presenting interesting and varied material.
    Our Instructors engage learners in one-to-one interactions and practice various workplace situations, such as mock interviews, to augment the written material.
  2. The best way to achieve relevant industry training is to duplicate employers’ expectations.
    This approach ensures graduates of Lokken College are timely and accountable, which has helped us become well respected and well connected in the Alberta Labour Market. Due to our positive network of employment connections, employers are eager to hire future Lokken College graduates.


  • Commitment to People
  • Maximum Feasible Quality
  • Integrity
  • Financial Responsibility